Advanced training center

Best practice dental knowledge

The patients’ demand to be treated according to the latest medical standards increases.

Dr. Dr. Martin Bonsmann and Dr. Wolfgang Diener, together with well-known speakers, impart knowledge that is scientifically up-to-date and field-tested. The selection of topics for dentists and colleagues from other special fields reach from surgical tooth restoration to the complex field of implantology with bone augmentation and lateral window technique to iliac crest transplantations and the aesthetic facial surgery. The state-of-the-art technology available in our practice permits further training with live broadcasts from the surgery center. By participating in the systematically arranged further training series, dentists and doctors can collect the credits that are required to maintain their current know-how.

The certification credits are in accordance with the guidelines on advanced training put forward by the Regional Dental and Medical Associations.


The progressing mechanization brings forward steady innovations in implantology, the greatest growing field in dentistry. Our advanced training center imparts extensive know-how from the first basic principles to handling the newest technology such as e.g. the digital volume tomography NewTom 5G or the 3D template technique coDiagnostiX. This will enable you to extend your service portfolio and profit from this growing market while getting to know the advantages of leading high-tech procedures. During special training sessions, you will learn pre-implant planning, the exact placing of dental implants including augmentation procedures, and managing peri-implant soft tissue.

Dental surgery

Our structured advanced training reaches from pre-prosthetic surgery to special operations like controlled tissue generation and periodontal surgical procedures. Speakers impart knowledge from the beginnings to micro-surgical incision and suture techniques that make an atraumatic operative approach and diminish post-operative symptoms.

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