Diagnosis center

First class equipment for the best possible treatment

First-class, extensive diagnoses are the basis for making therapies and operations as precise as possible. Those, on the other hand, are based on medical technical special devices that fulfill the highest technical standards.

Among them is the Cone Beam CT NewTom 5G, which offers the most precise three-dimensional examination possibilities there are in the field of dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery at the moment, while using a significantly lower exposure to radiation than the computer tomography known so far. This diagnostics is also available to medical and dental colleagues and their patients who do not have the appropriate equipment in their practice.

Cone Beam CT

One-dimensional x-rays only deliver limited information on the bone’s shape and quality. Three-dimensional computer tomography (CT) generates quite better images and is only outperformed by Cone Beam CT.

Due to the use of the Cone Beam CT system “NewTom 5G”, the examination possibilities in the field of dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery have broadened significantly. The three-dimensional image allows a closer look into the bone and the maxillary sinus floor, and helps to better identify nerve structures and the causes for ambiguous symptoms. Thanks to its preciseness, the NewTom 5G is especially suited for the diagnostics prior to the placement of implants in order not to harm adjacent anatomical structures. All in all, the Cone Beam CT system achieves more accurate results in a significantly shorter examination time.

The use of the NewTom 5G in our practice allows for an extensive diagnosis.


Precise diagnostics and digitally supported operation techniques supplement each other ideally. Following the examination with the Cone Beam CT, the coDiagnostiX® template technique, a dental navigation system for operations that require the highest positioning and angular accuracy, is used to plan complex implants.

This template technique generates a 3D model on the basis of the individual data from the preceding digital volume tomography. The ideal drilling direction and depth are determined with this model and individually transferred to the patient by means of the mentioned template technique. This enables our surgeons to place the implants exactly at the intended positions according to the planning. The operation passes by quicker and in a more precise manner, which is a great advantage for the patient: particularly surgical traumata can be significantly reduced by this saving of time.

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